Lighting Services

Lights On is a fully licensed and insured lighting and electrical company specializing in the following services:

Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting

With our fleet of late model bucket trucks, we can easily reach all exterior pole and building lights.  We service all types of lighting from HID to LED.  Also, as a licensed electrical contractor we can troubleshoot and repair any electrical problem you may be experiencing with your exterior lighting.

Interior Lighting & Maintenance

We maintain, upgrade and install all types of interior lighting.  We can provide an energy audit for upgrades or set up a maintenance schedule to ensure proper lighting effiency.  We have our own scissor lifts to ensure access to all working heights and prompt service.

Emergency & Security Lighting

Let us help you with your fire dept inspections by installing or repairing the latest in security and emergency lighting.  We stock the latest LED exit signs and battery backup emergency lights to help you stay safe and comply with all codes.

Neon, Flourescent & LED Sign Service

With our fleet of bucket trucks we can service most signs that require maintenance or service. We can also retro-fit your signs to new LED’s providing energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.

Lighting Energy Audits

Lights On will provide no charge lighting energy audits to asses that you are using the correct lighting and to determine the potential for lighting upgrades that will qualify for rebates and reduced energy cost.

Get Energy Rebates

Lights On is an approved contractor with Xcel Energy, Franklin Energy, Denver Energy Challenge and Boulder Energy Smart.  This allows us to work closely in processing and securing your rebate dollars.  Lights on will take care of all steps from the initial energy audit to you receiving your rebate check.

Lamp Recycling

Lights On will recycle all your lamps and ballasts for proper disposal and compliance.